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Existentialism And Akhilleus State Of Affairs - 1182 Words

Existentialism and Akhilleus’ State of Affairs in Homer’s Iliad Existentialism is a philosophy that deals with human existence. This philosophy is a complex subject that asks questions about life that include meaning, purpose, choice, morality, ideology, and individuality. When reading other texts one could easily make connections to existential themes within the book’s literary tropes. Occasionally, some books have an overloaded abundance of existential themes. Homer’s Iliad is one of the books that comprise of an abundance of existential themes. The Iliad is a Greek epic composed in dactylic hexameter. Homer created the poem in the Greek Bronze Age around c. 1194–1184 BCE. The story begins in the middle of the Trojan War. The Greeks attack Troy because Paris, who is the son of the King of Troy, seduced one of their leader’s wives. The Greeks have a large army compiled of leaders and soldiers from different city-states. These leaders inclu de Akhilleus, Odysseus, Agamemnon, and Diomedes. The Greek’s main objective is to seize Troy and rescue Helen in the name of honor and justice. Akhilleus is a Greek soldier and a demigod with strength and agility that surpasses all humans. His mother is a sea goddess named Thetis. When he was an infant she dipped him in the river Styx, which separates the underworld from the Earth. Akhilleus receives enhanced capabilities from the river that include agility, strength, and keenness. When Thetis dipped him in the river she held him by his

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The Growth Of The Economy Essay - 1422 Words

Showtime in late 1950’s Minsky started warning about the gradual shift of the economy from a very robust financial system that was stable and with no financial crisis in the early postwar period. He had called with his analysis that gradually over time debts in the private sector would tend to build up and increasingly risky financial innovations would increase over time. He is very famous for the statement that stability itself is destabilizing. Although things seem very stable today, gradually over time that stability would build confidence to take increasingly risky positions in assets. The model that he had built explains financial crisis in the economic system. He brings up that supply of credit increases during boom and abruptly decreased during economic slowdown. It seems almost intuitive that from a standpoint of an investor the great time to invest is when the economy is booming to increase his or her profitability. Lenders as the investors become increasingly optimis tic about their return and they both become less sensitive to risk. But when the economy starts slowing down investors sell out their holding to not to lose more of their assets making the economy even worse off. All of the New Deal structure that have been put in place in the economy during the great depression, tremendous buildup of government debt during World War II gave a very safe asset for the private sector. This would be in a sense leveraged, the safe government debt would serve a baseShow MoreRelatedThe Growth And Growth Of The Uk Economy1560 Words   |  7 Pagesfive years UK economy is expected to see moderate to strong growth. Consumer spending has been the main economic driver over the past three years, driven by rapid employment growth, a falling household savings rate and supported by continually strong real estate market. This trend is expected to persist in the shorter turn, helped by low inflation that is boosting real income growth and continued historically low mortgage rates. Despite medium term expectations that real consumer growth will moderateRead MoreEconomic Growth Of The Economy1506 Words   |  7 PagesEconomic growth rate can be measured as an increase in the capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared from one period of time to another (Investopedia). Ylan Mui and Nelson Schwartz offer information on what is stagnating our nation’s economic growth. Many have been looking at the economic growth of the third quarter very disheartened. U.S. economic growth during the third quarter expanded at a 1.5% rate, which is considerably lower than the last quarter. There are many reasonRead MoreThe Growth of the Asian Economy1695 Words   |  7 PagesAsian Economy: The growth of the Asian Economy has had positive structural effects on the Australian Economy. The trade volumes are at record high levels with China and the appreciation of the exchange rates have provided a boost to the economy. There has also been a rise in the resource investment, which has seen a reallocation of factors of production, which has lead to employment growth in these sectors. The focus of the Asian economies is on the production and consumption of goods and the commodityRead MoreThe Growth Of The Australian Economy1546 Words   |  7 PagesAustralia facing two crucial issues in their economy, those are increasing budget deficit and houses affordability. In the long term, those two issues can deteriorates the economy. By increasing budget deficit, it affect to a decrease in living standard because the future generation need to pay more tax for paying the debt. As the housing prices goes higher and significantly overvalued, the Australian economy growth slowly. And af fect the Australian economy. The Australian government and The ReservedRead MoreThe Growth Of The Australian Economy Essay929 Words   |  4 Pages1. Introduction Suggesting any economic or policy reforms to the Australian Economy requires us to understand the evolution of an economy and the factors effecting it both intrinsically and globally. But even if we understand the changes, how can we compare the before and the after? What are the best parameters in doing so? What phenomenon is followed globally? This just summarizes one aspect of the essay which is followed by policy recommendations by the author in the later half. Though with theRead MoreThe Growth Of An Economy And Society1279 Words   |  6 PagesThe growth of an economy and society is related to a country becoming westernized. It is largely known that developed countries are prone to individualism and its effects, however a society that is collectivistic or largely based on communities can be predisposed to individualism and its harmful effects. Countries that are formerly collectivist are shifting to individualism which leads to the rise of suicide rates. As more countries take on Western ideals and values such as materialism and greedRead MoreThe Growth Of International Economy1461 Words   |  6 PagesThe growth of international economy is significantly b eing driven by trade liberalization. The concept of free trade was firstly presented by Francisco de Vitoria in 16th century (Nussbaum, 1947). Then two early economists Adam Smith and David Ricardo proposed the concept of liberalization trade and applied the theory to practice. Since the end of World War II, the United Sates devoted itself into reducing tariff-barriers and free trade. As a result, the United States led the establishment of theRead MoreThe Growth Of The Brazilian Economy1878 Words   |  8 PagesAs the largest economy in Latin America and seventh largest (by nominal GDP) in the world, the Brazilian economy is experiencing many positive effects, characterized by it’s inward-oriented economy and moderate free-market trading, it has a diverse and sophisticated services industryi. Although undergoing extensive makeover, the financial sector provides local businesses with a wide variety of products and is successfully bringing in new entrants, creating an upturn i n the economy, and furthermoreRead MoreEconomic Growth Of The Uk Economy1707 Words   |  7 PagesEconomic Growth Economic Growth is a measure of the percentage increase in either real gross domestic product (GDP) or potential GDP of an economy. GDP measures the output of goods and services produced by an economy by factors of production located within that economy. The figure above shows the trend of UK’s economic growth from 2008 to mid-2014. As illustrated in the figure the credit crunch of 2007-08 hit the UK economy hard and caused a steeper drop in real GDP than even the great depressionRead MoreEconomic Growth In Australian Economy1205 Words   |  5 PagesAt the present, the Australian economy is still in a period of slow economic activity brought about by multiple contributing factors. A large factor of this would be the decrease in China’s level of economic growth that has resulted in a large decrease in demand for Australia’s goods and services. Presently Australia’s percentage debt to GDP ratio is approximately 41.1%. Since the previous year the debts rate of growth has increased slowly. This level of debt is the highest that Australia has ever

Tobacco Smoking Among Teenagers Issues and Remedies Free Essays

SAMPLE OF ESSAY CIVIL ENGINEERING (100L) GST 113(philosophy and human existence) Review of the chapter one (1) of olusegun oladipo (thinking about philosophy) Philosophy is not easy to define because it is difficult to identify the subject matter of it, on like biology, political science and so on. Also we cannot say philosophical method, the way we talk of scientific method. But according to the preface of the book, philosophy is an intellectual Endeavour to acquire self knowledge. We will write a custom essay sample on Tobacco Smoking Among Teenagers: Issues and Remedies or any similar topic only for you Order Now Three questions comes to mind and best summarize the intellectual Endeavour called philosophy, 1) formulation or construction of world view, 2) critical thinking and, 3) the rational, but non-scientific, quest for understanding. PHILOSOPHY AS WORLD VIEW – These are not arbitrary statement or products of fantasy. Rather they are products of reflection and speculation, which most people take for granted in their everyday lives. According to G. Chatalian, he conceived philosophy â€Å"essentially as the pursuit of wisdom† and consequently, â€Å"the search for the guide to life. For a genuine philosopher, two things are required in this view, they are; Insight and Commitment to human well-being. Considering the handbook of Epictetus, 1) believing that what you have is yours and what you don’t have is on its own, you will have no enemies, life will go easy. 2) Do not seek life to go your own way instead let it happen as do happen and life will be easy. PHILOSOPHY AS CRITICAL THINKING – This entails that human knowledge is always partial. If this is the case then the best intellectual attitude is that which does not take any believe or assumption for granted, but is ready to examine the grounds for the validation of a belief or opinion that is presented as being true or possible. It is this attitude that the philosophical activities of critical thinking promotes. THE ENTERPRISE OF PHILOSOPHER – According to Dilthey, â€Å"the philosophic spirit† is both critical and reconstructive. Philosophers use or dominate their expertise by addressing certain questions, typically called philosophical questions. These questions are beyond the scope of specific areas of knowledge. The primary goal of philosopher in addressing these questions is, in the manner of Socrates. Thus, philosophy is a kind of a rational inquiry that begins in doubt and ends in the generation of beliefs. TOOLS OF PHILOSOPHY – LANGUAGE and LOGIC are the two key tools of philosophy. According to A. J. Ayer’s point, language is the means to the achievement of the kind of clarity of thought without which the philosophical enterprise can hardly succeed language matters in philosophy because much of what philosophers do involves conceptual elucidation. Logic also matters in the enterprise because much of philosophy has to do with providing good reasons for our view or positions. Secondly it is important because philosophers are generally concerns with the logical assessment of arguments. USE OF PHILOSOPHY – â€Å"Elevation† of mankind. The elevation as used in the context can be defined in terms of; enlightenment, open-mindedness, breading of sensibility and so on. Also, it stimulates people to think about the basic problems of existence as they affect them as individuals and as social collectives. PHILOSOPHY AND CULTURE IN THE AFRICAN CONTEXT – philosophy has a very importance role to play in the production, clarification and propagation of the ideas and values guiding the thought and life of people. Also it promotes the kind of self understanding that would provide some basic for determining the kind of social-cultural that will enable Africans with the challenges of contemporary life. How to cite Tobacco Smoking Among Teenagers: Issues and Remedies, Essay examples

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My Understanding of Feminism free essay sample

My understanding of feminism has increased greatly due to the material and discussions in this course. When this course first started I had a small general idea of what feminism was. I always assumed it had to deal with womens rights and movement, mostly about the African-American movements. I had no idea that feminism tied into so many different subjects throughout history and even the present day. This course also had a broad overview with many different types of readings. The readings, along with the discussions generated a more in depth view n particular topics. Although I had a general knowledge of some of the topics, other topics were completely new to me and I found them very interesting. For example, the topic about the native settlers that were forced from their native land by the Europeans, specifically about the Beothuck people of Newfoundland. One unit that really sparked my interest was Unit 1 1: Advertising Culture and the Commodification of the body. We will write a custom essay sample on My Understanding of Feminism or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I think that this unit was very intriguing, as I have always wondered bout how and why the media portrays women the way they do. This idea of Fat women has become such a profitable topic in the media. The article by Lisa Ayuso l look Fat in this portrayed an excellent view from women who often feel ashamed of their body because it is not the perfect body that is plastered all over the media. Another unit that I thoroughly enjoyed was Unit 8: Diasporas. I enjoyed reading other students posts on how they feel about Newfoundland culture and its traditional items. Many students registered in this course are from Newfoundland, so the shared culture among us with the different viewpoints, I found really interesting. This course has not changed my view or position on a particular issue. I have increased my knowledge and have broadened my views on many topics. One particular issue that came to a complete shock to me was about the forced sterilization of young black women. Especially about the doctor that tricked the mother into signing a waiver to do this to her daughters, I was in disbelief. Also, the trials and tribulations the young women had to go through to get an abortion. Abortion is still a sensitive topic today, but the views of it have changed a lot from the past. One thing that I dont quite understand is Liberalism. It has come up in many of the readings, but I still seem to fully understand exactly what it is. Can anyone elaborate more on this for me? But overall this course has provided me with a deeper insight about feminism. My Understanding of Feminism By SexyNewfle

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How to Make a Rubric for Differentiation

How to Make a Rubric for Differentiation Rubrics are rules or a way to explicitly lay out expectations for an assignment, and the means to evaluate or grade an assignment using a point system. Rubrics work very well for differentiated instruction, as you can establish different levels of performance for general education students and for children receiving special education services. As you start making your rubric, think about the things you need to know to assess a students performance on a project/paper/group effort. You need to create four or more categories to evaluate and then establish the criteria for each score. You can format your rubric as a questionnaire or as a chart. Be sure it is clearly written, as you want to give it to your students and review it as you introduce the assignment. When you are done, you can tailor your use of the information for the following: IEP data collection, especially for writing.Your grading/reporting format: i.e., 18 of 20 points is 90% or an A.To report to parents or students. A Simple Writing Rubric The numbers suggested are good for 2nd or 3rd-grade assignments. Adjust for the age and ability of your group. Effort: Does the student write several sentences on the topic? 4 points: Student writes 5 or more sentences about the topic.3 points: Student writes 4 sentences about the topic.2 points: Student writes 3 sentences about the topic.1 point: Student writes 1 or 2 sentences about the topic. Content: Does the student share enough information to make the writing selection interesting? 4 points: Student shares 4 or more facts about the subject3 points: Student shares 3 facts about the subject2 points: Student shares 2 facts about the subject1 point: Student shares at least one fact about the subject. Conventions: Does the student use correct punctuation and capitalization? 4 points: Student begins all sentences with capitals, capitalizes proper nouns, no run on sentences and correct punctuation, including one question mark.3 points: Student begins all sentences with capitals, one or fewer run-on sentences, 2 or fewer errors in punctuation.2 points: Student begins sentences with capitals, ends with punctuation, 2 or fewer run-on sentences, 3 or fewer errors in punctuation.1 point: Student uses capital letters appropriately at least once, ends with punctuation. This rubric needs at least 2 more categories- it is easiest to score them with a possible 20 points. Consider Style, Organization or Focus. Rubrics in Table Form A table is a great way to clearly organize and present a rubric. Microsoft Word provides an easy table tool to lay out a rubric. For an example of a table rubric, please see a table rubric for a report on animals.

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20 Types and Forms of Humor

20 Types and Forms of Humor 20 Types and Forms of Humor 20 Types and Forms of Humor By Mark Nichol Humor comes in many flavors, any of which may appeal to one person but not to another, and which may be enjoyed in alternation or in combination. Here are names and descriptions of the varieties of comic expression: 1. Anecdotal: Named after the word anecdote (which stems from the Greek term meaning â€Å"unpublished†); refers to comic personal stories that may be true or partly true but embellished. 2. Blue: Also called off-color, or risque (from the French word for â€Å"to risk†); relies on impropriety or indecency for comic effect. (The name probably derives from the eighteenth-century use of the word blue to refer to morally strict standards hence the phrase â€Å"blue laws† to refer to ordinances restricting certain behavior on the Sabbath). A related type is broad humor, which refers to unrestrained, unsubtle humor often marked by coarse jokes and sexual situations. 3. Burlesque: Ridicules by imitating with caricature, or exaggerated characterization. The association with striptease is that in a bygone era, mocking skits and ecdysiastic displays were often on the same playbills in certain venues. 4. Dark/Gallows/Morbid: Grim or depressing humor dealing with misfortune and/or death and with a pessimistic outlook. 5. Deadpan/Dry: Delivered with an impassive, expressionless, matter-of-fact presentation. 6. Droll: From the Dutch word meaning â€Å"imp†; utilizes capricious or eccentric humor. 7. Epigrammatic: Humor consisting of a witty saying such as â€Å"Too many people run out of ideas long before they run out of words.† (Not all epigrams are humorous, however.) Two masters of epigrammatic humor are Benjamin Franklin (as the author of Poor Richard’s Almanackand Oscar Wilde. 8. Farcical: Comedy based on improbable coincidences and with satirical elements, punctuated at times with overwrought, frantic action. (It, like screwball comedy see below shares many elements with a comedy of errors.) Movies and plays featuring the Marx Brothers are epitomes of farce. The adjective also refers to incidents or proceedings that seem too ridiculous to be true. 9. High/highbrow: Humor pertaining to cultured, sophisticated themes. 10. Hyperbolic: Comic presentation marked by extravagant exaggeration and outsized characterization. 11. Ironic: Humor involving incongruity and discordance with norms, in which the intended meaning is opposite, or nearly opposite, to the literal meaning. (Not all irony is humorous, however.) 12. Juvenile/sophomoric: Humor involving childish themes such as pranks, name-calling, and other immature behavior. 13. Mordant: Caustic or biting humor (the word stems from a Latin word meaning â€Å"to bite†). Not to be confused with morbid humor (see above). 14. Parodic: Comic imitation often intended to ridicule an author, an artistic endeavor, or a genre. 15. Satirical: Humor that mocks human weaknesses or aspects of society. 16. Screwball: Akin to farce in that it deals with unlikely situations and responses to those situations; distinguished, like farcical humor, by exaggerated characterizations and episodes of fast-paced action. 17. Self-deprecating: Humor in which performers target themselves and their foibles or misfortunes for comic effect. Stand-up comedian Rodney Dangerfield was a practitioner of self-deprecating humor. 18. Situational: Humor arising out of quotidian situations; it is the basis of sitcoms, or situation comedies. Situational comedies employ elements of farce, screwball, slapstick, and other types of humor. 19. Slapstick: Comedy in which mock violence and simulated bodily harm are staged for comic effect; also called physical comedy. The name derives from a prop consisting of a stick with an attached piece of wood that slapped loudly against it when one comedian struck another with it, enhancing the effect. The Three Stooges were renowned for their slapstick comedy. 20. Stand-up: A form of comedy delivery in which a comic entertains an audience with jokes and humorous stories. A stand-up comedian may employ one or more of the types of humor described here. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the General category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:The Royal Order of Adjectives 50 Synonyms for â€Å"Idea†English Grammar 101: Prepositions

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Drugs And Society Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Drugs And Society - Assignment Example The use of smokeless tobacco has been in existence in many parts of the world. In the United States, this habit was common among baseball players who used it for numerous reasons including making spitballs to facilitate their game. This was later on banned and even the baseball players left the habit to start smoking. Again, they heard of the odds of smoking and fled back to chewing tobacco, only to realize later that this was still harmful as well. A point of important concern is therefore to come up with a solution to this situation of dilemma. As has been stated, the use of smokeless tobacco was prompted by an attempt to solve the problems that smoking caused to the health of the user. Actually, one fifth of the deaths in the United States are related cigarette smoking. Smoking causes lung cancer, mouth cancer, cancer of the bladder and many other forms of cancer that inclusively contribute about three out of ten deaths related to cancer. The severe ness of the resulting cancer will depend on factors like the number of cigarettes smoked daily, the frequency and the time smoking started in the person’s life (Hanson, Venturell & Fleckenstein, 2006 p338). Smoking also has a negative effect to the circulatory system, which can be seen as high or low blood pressure and low or high pulse rate that can affect other body systems. Women smokers are not spared either as this interferes with their reproductive systems and can cause barrenness, stillbirths, or miscarriages that eventually affect their social life. Cigarette sm okers also find problems in their respiratory systems especially if they already have other infections like pneumonia. Smoking also has some mild effects like yellow teeth, eye problems, and even premature aging. On the other hand, the use of smokeless tobacco has some dangers that it pose on the health of the users